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Discount Swimwear for the Holidays



What better way to kick off our blog than by announcing a great big 30% off sale on swimwear and surfwear for girls and women at the new Girls4Sport store! In the future we’ll be sharing stories both from customers and great girl athletes.

Until December 14th, everything is 30% off. Be sure to use COUPON CODE: HLD-01 during online check out to take advantage of this special sale.

If you want to support an aspiring girl athlete, what better gift than athletic wear made by women that will make her feel cute AND athletic?

For now we’d proudly like to orient you to our new online store and a great concept: fun, colorful, ultra cool swim wear and active wear for girls and women…that’s actually comfortable to wear and has UV protection!

For example, a great thing about our rashguard designs is that you can not only swim and surf, but do yoga, go out biking, or even dancing. With built-in shelf bras you won’t have to stuff a bikini under your swim shirt for support. Imagine that! 🙂

And how about reversible pink plaid board shorts?

In our Pink Store, which benefits a charity helping with breast cancer treatment, you’ll find outerwear as well as extremely sexy and high performing swimwear like boy style bottoms.

We hope this info has been inspiring and useful. We’re excited about our new styles and our new blog and look forward to inspiring you to pursue your athletic dreams!


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