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Full-Coverage Swimwear Options


longsleeve rashguard and boardshorts

Girls4Sport Longsleeve Rash Guard and Board Shorts

Bikinis may still reign at the beach, but for women who want more coverage in a swimsuit, Girls4Sport has you covered.  We want women to feel comfortable going to beach or pool and jumping into the water—whether it’s to surf or swim or just splash around. So we’ve expanded our line of sporty, full-coverage, mix and match swim separates so that you can find the coverage that’s right for you.

Some of our more modest coverage options include long-sleeve and half-sleeve rash guard tops with built-in shelf bras.  The long sleeve top provides coverage from the neck to the wrist, while the half-sleeve top provides coverage from the collarbone to the elbow. Both tops are designed with extra length in the torso to keep from riding up and are made from a nylon/spandex fabric blend with a maximum sun-protection factor of UPF 50+. 

We also design loose-fitting ankle-length pants and extra-long board shorts that fall below the knee.  The pants and shorts are made from a soft, quick-drying sueded microfiber in solid colors to coordinate with the tops.  Another cute coverage option is our knee-length sport pants, which are cut similarly to yoga pants and are made from the same nylon/spandex blends as our swim tops.

Whether the reason is sun protection, religious orthodoxy, the need to cover a surgical scar, or just a desire for more modesty, you can find fashionable swimwear with the right amount of coverage at Girls4Sport.


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