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Board Shorts for Every Woman at Every Age


Relaxed Board Shorts

Girls4Sport's Relaxed Board Shorts

For some women, the thought of wearing bikini bottoms to the beach would make them want to bury themselves in the sand. For others, bikinis are merely a tug-of-war annoyance—especially when surfing or diving for a volleyball or otherwise moving from their spot on the sand.  Either way, it’s enough to create envy for the board shorts worn by men. 

Board shorts for women are gaining in popularity, but finding designs for women over 40 or styles cut to flatter a woman’s body can be a challenge.  The goal of Girls4Sport is to design board shorts that fit every body and every age.  Between sizing options that range from extra small to double extra large, five different inseam lengths, and three different board short styles, we’re confident women can find a short among our collection that suits their taste, fits comfortably, and flatters their body.

Our board shorts are made from exceptionally soft, durable fabrics that are quick-drying and have a sun protection UPF factor of 50-plus.  The shorts also come in an assortment of colors that can be mixed and matched with our rash guards, tankinis, and bikinis. 

We design three different styles of board shorts: relaxed, snag-free, and reversible. The relaxed board short is a traditional style board short with slightly baggy fit, a Velcro fly, and string tie at the waist. The short comes in four different inseam lengths: 11-inch, 9-inch, 6-inch, and 3.375-inch.  

The snag-free board short has no Velcro to snag on swimsuits or anything else in the laundry basket.  It’s made with a nylon lace/tie closure and a very forgiving, Lycra fly panel to keep the fit smooth and comfortable.  The snag-free shorts come in the same inseam lengths as the relaxed board short. 

 The reversible board short is essentially two shorts in one.  It’s completely reversible with a print on one side, a solid color on the other, and pockets on both.  The short is designed with a smooth, Velcro fly closure and a lower rise and trimmer fit than the other two styles.  It’s available in two lengths: a long 9-inch inseam and a short, 2.25-inch inseam.


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