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Dermatologist Recommends Girls4Sport’s Sun-Protective Swimwear



Dr. Beth Schulz-Butulis, a board-certified dermatologist in North Carolina, recently spoke with Girls4Sport about why she wears Girls4Sport’s sun protective swimwear and recommends it to her patients.

How did you find Girls4Sport and why did you start wearing or recommending the brand?
I found Girls4Sport by Googling sun protective clothing.  As a dermatologist, I wanted to put together a list of websites my patients could go to for sun protective swimwear and clothing.  Because of my profession and knowledge about the consequences of chronic sun damage, it was logical to start wearing Girls4Sport sun protective swimwear.  I especially liked their shelf bra so that I didn’t get hot with a swim shirt over another bathing suit.  Additionally, I really liked the colors and fabrics used.

How does Girls4Sport’s sun-protective clothing make your active lifestyle easier or safer?
Girls4Sport offers their customers a wide range of options for sun protection.  They have sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve sun-protective shirts with Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF) 50 built in.  These shirts also extend up to the neck for more sun protection.  Additionally, this company offers something different than their competitors which is the built in shelf bra.  Wearing these shirts in the summer allows me to enjoy more time in the sun without burning.  Additionally, with the use of my Girls4sport long sleeve shirts, I can avoid applying chemicals (sunscreen) all over my body and focus only on exposed areas like my face, ears, neck, hands, and legs.   Not only do I spend less time applying sunscreen, it is less cost overall to purchase the Girls4Sport suit than numerous bottles of sunscreen through the course of the summer.  With many of my patients concerned about the ramifications of the use of chemicals (to include sunscreen) on the bodies of their family, I like being natural and wearing swimwear with built in UPF to limit the amount of sunscreens that I must apply.

In the Caribbean there are many places that now prohibit sunscreen because they damage coral.  The Girls4Sport sun protective shirts allow people to swim and not burn in places where sunscreen is off limits!

Why do you recommend Girls4Sport’s sun-protective clothing to your patients?
I recommend it to my patients because I am a dermatologist.  I see many patients with skin cancers to include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.  These patients need options to allow them to continue enjoying the outdoors in safe manner while helping to decrease their chances of additional skin cancers.  Finally, I have many teenagers and young children in my clinic with parents who want to know how they can prevent sun damage in their children.  Sun protective swimwear and hats is mainstream in Australia and needs to be mainstream in our country too.  I recommend this product to all patients for the girls in their household or extended family.

How do you feel when wearing Girls4Sport’s clothing?
I have used these suits for 2 years now and I feel confident that I won’t burn (except on exposed areas) even when out all day in the Caribbean wearing these sun protective suits.  My favorite bottom is the hipster because it never rides up.  I like swimming in the ocean and in the pool and it is great for this purpose.  The fabrics used are very modern and stylish.  People ask me if the shirts are hot.  I don’t usually get hot in the shirts.  If I’m hot I simply get the shirt wet and by doing this I stay cool and comfortable until the shirt dries again.

Dr. Beth Schulz-Butulis is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.  She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children.


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