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Breast Cancer Survivor Finds a Perfect Swimsuit in Girls4Sport



Florida resident Lorraine Guthrie has been an avid swimmer, surfer, and beach bum all of her life. But last year, at the age of 59, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy.  Not one to give up swimming or surfing, Guthrie faced the challenge of finding a swimsuit that would hold her prosthesis in place, look natural, and be stylish and comfortable.

Lorraine Guthrie

Lorraine Guthrie in a Girls4Sport halter swim top and matching bottoms

The suits she found that were made specifically for prosthesis use were expensive.  She also thought they looked old-fashioned in their design.  Other swimsuits Guthrie tried on made her feel self-conscious or would not hold her prosthesis in place.

Guthrie’s daughter, Marissa, had a few swimsuits designed by Girls4Sport. Guthrie began to wonder if the Girls4Sport swim tops would cover her well enough, and so she tried one on a whim.  “The other suits were so low cut so that it was obvious that I had something missing on one side of my body,” said Guthrie.  “The Girls4Sport suit was perfect.  It has a built-in shelf bra that holds the prosthesis in place very comfortably, and it’s completely hidden because of the style of the suit.  It’s stylish, comfortable, and very inconspicuous. I don’t think anyone would ever know that one of my “girls” was fake!”

Guthrie wears Girls4Sport swimsuits every time she heads to the beach to surf or swim or shoot photos for her newest hobby, surfing photography.

“There are so many women with breast cancer and who face the same challenge I faced,” said Guthrie.  “I would recommend that they try Girls4Sport’s suits.”


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