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Customer-Driven for Inspiration and Success



Kim Ruby (third from left) and the girls at a summer beach party in Santa Cruz, California

A lot of letters pour into Girls4Sport’s tiny office in Santa Cruz, California.  Many of them are from women expressing gratitude for finally finding a swimsuit that they don’t have to keep tugging on to keep in place.  Others are grateful for the sun-protection factor.  Others appreciate the modest swimwear design options that don’t look old-fashioned or “dorky.”   Others simply like the comfort and confidence that comes with wearing a flattering, well-designed swimsuit.  Here’s one of our favorite letters:

“I want to let you know that I am extremely pleased with your product. Your designs are a perfect example of form following function; the phrase “beautifully engineered” comes to mind. The suits are comfortable and optimized for movement while remaining form-fitting and figure-flattering. It is about time that “a two-piece” didn’t mean just a stringy bikini! I haven’t worn a swimsuit in four years. I have hated them so much. Now I’m really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend at the beach that will be free from worrying about if I remembered to put enough sunscreen on my back or if I’ll have a wardrobe malfunction while diving for a Frisbee. And, I’ll look cute in it. Thank you to whoever realized that women would like to play at the beach, too, and not just sit around watching the guys have all the fun… Thank you for not conforming to a market already glutted with plunging necklines, hideous frills, and ridiculous displays of exposed skin to the blazing sun. In short, thank you for existing.”
—Holley W.

Girls4Sport’s goal is to have lifetime customers that feel good about what they’re wearing and feel good about our company.   Every letter we receive–whether critical or complimentary–gets read, and usually by Girls4Sport’s president, Kim Ruby.  In fact, Ruby is often the one to contact customers directly if something is amiss or if a customer needs something right away.  “We make it right,” she says. “Every customer is personally taken care of.”

One triathlete wrote to Girls4Sport to thank us for shipping a wetsuit in time for her first race and gush about her experience with the suit:

“I want to give you a great big thank you! I just completed my very first triathlon, a sprint triathlon in upstate New York. The swim portion was in a chilly glacial lake. I had trained with a borrowed wetsuit, felt confined and wasn’t happy with it. Within a week of the event I ran across the one piece shorty wetsuit from Girls4sport. You got it to me in time for race day, as well as for a training swim the day before. The design kept my core warm, allowed complete mobility of my arms and shoulders, and added enough buoyancy to boost my confidence. I am happy to say that I completed the event successfully and am looking forward to the next one.”
—Nancy F.

Other letters that Girls4Sport has received have actually driven the development of new designs and products over the years.  “People have written us to say ‘I need this or that.’” says Ruby. “We look for what is meaningful and in-line with our goal of creating flattering and fashionable products.”

The development and design of Girls4Sport’s full-zip women’s rash guard, half-sleeve rash guard, women’s board shorts in four different lengths, and other products have all been driven by customer comments.

To read more of the comments from our customers, click here. Keep the letters and inspiration coming!  Write to us at


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  1. I just posted on my blog about G4Sports – you guys won my first Great Gear Award!
    Check it out! xo Steph

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