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Eat Your Way to Surf Better: Seven Secrets to Improve Your Surfing



Robin Nielsen

Robin Nielsen


I love to surf. In fact I love it so much that two years after I learned to surf at the age of 38 I created a company to help other women experience what I had. If you surf, you know what I’m talking about!

I also love to eat. But what I didn’t know when I learned to surf was how important my diet was to my surfing success.

Let me clarify… I ride a long board and cruise. Sometimes I cut back, but the most fun for me is riding a faster wave and cruising up and down the face trying to make it past the section.

But when I first learned to surf I was burned out and exhausted. So I had to heal my body to surf better. Fortunately, shortly after I learned to surf I also went back to school to get my degree in nutrition. Eating delicious food in the right combinations, and surfing was a powerful combination for what transformed into my Wellness Retreats.

Here are some of the tips I share at my retreats.  In the process, you just may:
• Feel a little lighter (i.e. “pop up” quicker)
• Increase your energy (stay out longer)
• Improve your moods (no swearing out in the line up)
• and paddle faster than you ever thought possible 🙂

Seven Secrets to Improve Your Surfing

Secret #1: Eat Whole Real Food
That means no processed foods. Eliminate the “frakenfoods” such as Splenda, Nutrasweet, food colorings, food additives, natural and artificial flavors, etc.

Secret #2: Always eat a healthy protein, fat and carbohydrate together, every time you eat.

Secret #3: Healthy proteins are: free range meats, wild caught fish, ree range eggs, cottage cheese/Greek yogurt (if you can tolerate dairy), whey protein powder, brown rice/pea based protein powder

Secret #4: Healthy fats are: olive oil, grapeseed oil, butter, ghee, nuts/seeds, avocados, coconut oil or meat

Secret #5: Healthy carbohydrates are: vegetables and fruits in season, whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, barley and legumes (i.e beans such as garbanzo/adzuki/kidney/cannellini/lentils)

Secret #6: Eat within one-two hours of waking.

Secret #7: Never go more than five hours between meals.

These seven secrets will help you to:
• Maintain balanced energy
• Build lean muscle
• Be happier
• Sleep better

Woo hoo! On my surf and wellness retreat this is just how we eat. When you eat this way you just feel better.

Give it a try and let me know what you discover. You just may be able to cruise on down the line, get some toes on the nose or find yourself in the green room!

Robin Nielsen helps her clients to “grow younger.” She is a successful entrepreneur, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and an in-demand speaker and educator. She’s motivated thousands to improve their health with the right mental and physical fuel for living a luscious life.  Get your FREE audio 7 Secrets to Reclaim Your Radiance:

© Robin Nielsen, NC


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