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Skinny Jeans, Cheese and Happiness




As we enter 2011, resolutions are top of mind. I suppose it truly is a good thing to seek out on a regular basis the negative things in our lives that might be harmful or a hindrance. Who couldn’t take measures to eat better, floss our teeth more often or remember to drink more water every day? At the same time, it’s a bit hard on a person, especially hypercritical self-aware women who already have a list of imperfections or flaws someone out there compiled based on who knows what.

As I was making an exceptionally healthy lunch today, I got to thinking about how my clothes fit. This thought came to me as I was deciding on how much shredded cheddar should go into my meal. There was the amount I added but there was about 1 – 2 tablespoons worth of shreds left in the bag. Leave it, use it, what to do? I like cheese but those extra shreds are extra calories and fat.

The range of pants sizes I’ve gone through in 2010 has been quite the collection.  I had a baby in June 2010 and my body went through a lot of ups, downs, ins and outs. Through it all, I kept true to a mantra, a mantra I adopted years ago as I faced a lifetime of battling extra weight and perpetual dieting. Wear only what feels good and flatters my body, never pay attention to the size label sewn in the garment.

These days, skinny jeans grace the slender (spindly?) legs of models in magazines and billboards everywhere. I do not hold such a goal for myself, the wearing of skinny jeans. In my opinion, exceptionally tapered pants of any sort only tend to make the backside assets of even the fittest person somehow appear too big and out of proportion. Not to mention the possibly epic enhancement of any muffin top that might happen should said skinny jeans cut in near the waist. I shudder.

As I stared at that bag of shredded cheddar, I decided the observance of a new  year should never be just for critiquing flaws and short comings but should be a moment of reflecting and celebrating the goodness of life and hopes for the future. I enjoyed lunch immensely.

Happy New Year!


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