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Top Resolutions for 2011



It’s That Time of Year Again…

The resolutions lists are still top of mind so we’ve searched the web to bring you tools, tips, and trends (maybe a few tricks too) to stay motivated and on track.

The “D” Word and Other Culprits

Yup, “die” with a “t” at the end of it. Diet is at the top New Year’s resolution lists in 2011 followed by quit smoking and exercise more ( Do one of these top three resolutions appear on your list?  To help you reach healthful goals in 2011, check out the following links and make it happen…

Diet and Nutrition

Quit Smoking

  • Take a yoga class. Yoga brings a lot of deep breathing to your life. If you’ve been smoking, you’ve been robbing your body of precious oxygen. Beat the nicotine and give your lungs a treat. Visit to find a class near you or call your local gym or health club.
  • Visit your doctor. Smoking can be an extremely tough habit to break. If you feel it’s too huge to conquer alone, talk to you doctor and explore all of the options available to help you quit.
  • Help someone else quit. Even if you don’t smoke, chances are you know someone who does. Give them your support in a fun and meaningful way! Visit for tips.

Get Moving

  • Join a gym! Hop on a treadmill, join a kick boxing class, shake it with Zumba, take your pick. Get moving at a local gym or go for a big name club like (they’re always running a special) or
  • Inspire yourself and compete. If you never have, you can. If you have, aim higher! Visit to find an event near you, register for a race in an exotic location, or find workout buddies.

Tackle every one of your New Year’s resolutions this year or at least set some to inspire yourself. Make 2011 your best year yet!


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