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Last Call For Resolve And Resolutions




As January2011 draws to an end, I’m reminded of all of the New Year’s resolutions and lists. Are you resolved on your resolutions? Here are some tips and tricks to stay focused and on track!

Have good, strong reasons.  If you believe in your reasons strongly, you’re more likely to follow through. Make sure those reasons are truly your reasons and not something someone else planted in your brain. The more you own your reasons and believe in them, the better chances you’ll have for success.

Write it down. Actually making a list on paper, writing it down, can be a critical step. If you simply keep tossing potential goals around in your mind, they simply aren’t as real or concrete as goals you’ve purposely written down. Pen and paper can make your goals all the more real.

See it to believe it. Visualization is a tried and true trick. In your mind, see your objective as it would be in reality. See it as it would be after you’ve accomplished your goal in every aspect. The more details you add to your vision, the better. Exercise the power of your mind!

Talk about it. Tell other people about your goals and share your milestones along the way. The more you make your goals and accomplishments part of your outloud existence, achievement becomes part of your daily life. Accept and verbalize as it happens. It also makes you accountable to every person you’ve voiced your intent.

Have a plan of action. Deciding to run a marathon or attend a month-long surf camp in Costa Rica won’t happen without some pre-planning and a series of smaller goals to reach  the greater goal. Create an action plan. Ask yourself what steps will need to be accomplished to reach the final goal? What will be the most difficult tasks for you personally? What will you do to prepare and conquer? Strategize but remain flexible.

Build a sucess system. If you’re not the best person for a 6 am yoga class (and want to be), get friends who are early morning yogis. Hook up with likeminded people who can become part of your support system. Surround yourself with people, colleagues, book, videos, music, and whatever else will provide information, motivation and inspiration to help you stay on track.

Stay happy! Celebrate milestones, reward and congratulate yourself as you accomplish your goals every step of the way. Manageable steps taken every day can (and do) conquer any mountain.


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