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Will You Be Mine?




My business partner and I have discussed it many times. The fact that, without our customers, what we do wouldn’t really matter much. It seems glaringly obvious but I think a lot of companies lose sight of that, the true value and meaning of their customers. The women who buy our products are the primary source of inspiration, ideas, and concepts for new products. Without their input, we’d never come as far as we have.

We love our customers! In honor of that love, we’d like to give a little something to all Girls4Sport customers—FREE shipping! We’ll cover the cost of getting your order to you (does not include return shipping) and we’ll be shipping free for the whole month of February. We think that beats a little cardboard heart or love poem. Simply use coupon code 2SHIPFREE during check out in our online store at

Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day… well, Valentine’s month because we’re celebrating every day in February.

A big “thank you” to all of our awesome customers and team riders. We look forward to hearing from you in the months to come.


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