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Pilates: Stretch It, Bend It, Mend It!



An interview with (and gorgeous photos of!) girl-for-sport Lisa Marie. 

Q: How you found pilates (and this chairs)?
A: I won a gift certificate (Salida Pilates Studio) 6 years ago as a prize from a local running race. I fell in love with pilates because it relaxes both my mind and body. At the time, I had years of muscle overuse and injuries from kayaking, skiing, and running. Pilates balances out my body. I have learned how to use my muscles to make each movement efficient. My body feels stronger and balanced.  The pilates chair that we use is actually locally made in Salida, Colorado. Joseph Pilates developed the pilates Wundu Chair. His goal was to have wundu chair in the living room of every family to be used for exercise but also to convert into a chair for regular, daily use. I love taking the chair outside on beautiful Colorado days to enjoy the flowing movement of each pilates exercise

Q: Why do you like it?
A: Pilates keeps me injury free and I love the feeling of efficient strength. I love teaching Pilates because seeing clients bodies becoming stronger leads to a stronger and peaceful mind.

Q: How often you do it?
A: Everyday!

Q:  What it has done for you?
A: Pilates has improved my kayaking and running tremendously. I have confidence in how my body moves. Without Pilates in my life, I would be dealing with many injuries from overused muscles. I recently started rock climbing and amazed on how my body and mind has learned to move efficiently.

Tendon Stretch
Hamstring and core strength to pull back the sliding reformer. Trusting the strength of legs and core to balance in the standing position. Advanced Pilates exercise that is always fun to achieve.
(photo: Avery Majors, Paper Posey Photography,

Ending position on the wundu chair takes balance and core strength to balance on the pelvis. Fun to incorporate abdominal strength and flexibility in legs and spine.
(photo: Avery Majors, Paper Posey Photography,

Step ups
Keeping back leg strong, step up on box with butt, inner thigh, outer thigh muscles. Goal is to not use quads. Keeps me strong and balanced for running.
(photo: Avery Majors, Paper Posey Photography,

Extension with Rotation
Great stretch for abdominal muscles and psoas. Feeling of length when achieved. One of my favorite exercises cause it increase strength yet improve flexibility in the spine for rotation. Rotation flexibility is so important to have for kayaking.
(photo: Avery Majors, Paper Posey Photography,

Upside down pikes with one leg off
Fun! Timing is important and trust in lifting
the leg away from body makes this movement advanced.
Oblique and TVA muscles are important.
(photo: Avery Majors, Paper Posey Photography,

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