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Jet Ski with Christine Ann Milone



Jet Skiing with Christine Ann MiloneGirls4Sport Team Rider, Christine Ann Milone

Age: 36

Where I’m live: Delray Beach, Florida

Where I live: Born in Biloxi, Mississippi but grew up in South Florida

Sport Interests: Jet ski racing, auto racing… pretty much anything that involves a motor and speed.

How I got started in jet ski racing: I have owned jet skis for the last 15 years and in the early nineties I went to a few jet ski races as a spectator. About a year and half ago while at the local lake, we met a gentleman who told us that is wife was a jet ski racer and invited us to come and watch her and other jet ski racers practice. After doing so and having a love for speed and competition, we decided to build a race boat and go racing. It’s a very exciting and bitter sweet sport. I am extremely blessed to be able to practice with some of the best jet ski riders in the country. I contribute my success to them and my supportive husband who is finest tuner and crew chief a racer could ask for.

Athletic achievements: Losing 40 pounds and becoming physically fit. Winning the first moto at my first race. Placing 2nd at the 2007 APBA Nationals located in Nashville, TN in Women’s Runabout 1200 Limited class–this was my first race back after having been involved in a race accident earlier in the season. As of this writing, I am currently leading the 2008 National Highpoints in the Women’s Runabout 1200 Limited class. This all happened for me in one year!

Athletic goals:
My goal is to be stronger this year and ready to race on the National Tour. I am currently undergoing a rigorous training program to help me come back from the racing injury I sustained last year with the assistance of IHP Fitness (Institute of Human Performance) – Performance Coach, David Shaller, NASM-CPT in Boca Raton, Florida.

Inspiration: My faith, my husband, my wonderful family and great friends. Having their love and support gives me the encouragement to handle what ever life throws at me.

Philosophy: At the words of a dear friend, mentor, and fellow jet ski racer… “Stay humble and never give up.” I also remind myself that while competition is a great experience and is very self-gratifying, you must have fun and enjoy it. This applies to my daily life as well.

Favorite spot to do my sport: Nashville, TN (Watercross Nationals, National Tour Stop) the surrounding area is beautiful and there is a lot to do. This course is technical and there are a large number of spectators that come to watch.

Favorite Girls4Sport wear: The board shorts because they are reversible and give you color options.

What I do when I’m not in the water: I train in the gym five days a week and volunteer at my children’s school. Having two girls with sports and activities of their own it keeps me busy. Getting together with friends.

Job: Wife and mother of two wonderful girls.

Education: K-12 and two years of college and courses specific to my former insurance career.

Interesting/unusual facts about me: Happily married for 12 years. My husband is a Race Engineer for Champion Racing / Audi Sport North America, on the Diesel “Green” technology Audi R10-T program. It is fair to say that as a family, racing is in our blood!

More in my own words: Something that my sport has given to me and means more to me than the medals and trophies I have received is the handful of some very special people that are now my closest and dearest friends!

Learn more about Christine’s at or visit Christine’s site at

For more information about Jet Ski racing, please visit:



  1. Stormy says:

    What advice would you give to another female PWC enthusiast who wants to start racing?

    • christine226 says:


      I would recoemend first checking out the site for information on where jet ski races are through out the USA.

      If you would like, you can contact me, and i can give you some advice.


  2. girls4sport says:

    We’ll see what Christine has to say about her start but there is also some GREAT information here about how to get started:

    Good luck!

    Leanne, Girls4Sport Inc.
    On Facebook:

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