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“Do you come from a land down under….




…where women glow and men plunder?” I have those lyrics and Australia on the brain. The first reason is, I thoroughly enjoyed a live show recently with Girls4Sport team rider Erin Alexander and we heard those lyrics live from Mr. Colin Hay himself. (You might know him better as “that guy” from Men At Work. Go see him if you get the chance!)

The second reason is, as our summer winds down here in the USA, the Australian summer season is just gearing up. I think that’s rather magical. As we’re inspecting tan lines, stowing our swimwear and sundresses, thinking of fall, our Australian counterparts are getting ready for a bevy of summer sports, many of them in and on the water—swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting and kayaking.

An amazingly huge and diverse country, there are so many locales and destinations to choose from. Check out this list of Australian destinations for water activities:

If you do decide to visit Australia, be sure to take your rashguards, board shorts, and plenty of sunscreen. The intense Australian sun and amazing array of outdoor fun has made the country number one for skin cancer. Don’t add yourself to the statistics. Girls4Sport‘s tested fabrics are rated at the maximum of SPF 65 and block at least 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

Be safe, have fun, and glow or plunder, whichever suits you best!


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