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Staying Fit, Eating Right while Traveling




Alex Lauretano


That’s what I’m up to for miles flown this year with Delta and I still have more to come.  But no matter how much I travel its still really hard to pack the right things, eat the right things and feel ready to compete when I get off the plane.

I always have this idea in my head that I am going to pack all this fruit to eat on the plane and then sleep for the majority of it. Unfortunately, I usually end up having a marathon movie watching session and eating airplane food! The other hard thing about competing overseas is the food you get when your there. I just got back from being in China for a week and I will never forget walking into the buffet-style lunch they had set up for us and the first thing there was a platter of fried chicken feet.

So to say the least, I try to come prepared and travel with food in my suitcase, just in case. Even when traveling in the US or Europe, the food is sometimes just different from what I’m use to and changing my diet up a lot is not something I like to do right before competing. Granola bars, tuna, and peanut butter and jelly supplies haven’t failed me yet!

The other thing I always try to do whether I am traveling by air or car is to run a little when I get there. Why is it that sitting down for hours on a plane or in a car is so exhausting? I’ve always wondering that, but anyways, running and stretching when I get somewhere really helps me adjust and gets me focused again.

I wish there was some quick fix for managing all the things that us girls have to balance, but truly the best way to go is to be prepared and live a healthy lifestyle so your body and mind will be able to take on anything you throw at it.

Alex is one of the top-ranked female water skiers in the country.  At the 2011  Moomba Masters, she finished second in Women’s Tricks and third in Women’s Jump.  She lives and trains in Orlando, Florida.


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  1. Gabi Viljoen says:

    Really great post and topic Al! I know that a lot of girls will take note an appreciate this one 🙂

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