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For women in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, and a host of other countries, shopping for Girls4Sport swimwear just got a whole lot easier.  Our website features a new currency converter and payment processor that accepts several international currencies.  In addition to the U.S. dollar (USD), now accepts the Euro (EUR) and currencies for Australia (AUD), Canada (CAD), Great Britain (GBP), Hong Kong (HKD), India (INR), Japan (JPY), New Zealand (NZD), Singapore (SGD), South Africa (ZAR), Switzerland (CHF), and United Arab Emirates (AED).

The idea was that we wanted to take the guess work out of estimating what our products cost for our international customers. Our customers can now simply select their country’s currency from the drop down menu on our home page, and then the site will display the all of the prices in the selected currency. Then when a customer makes a purchase using a credit or debit card denominated in a currency other than USD, the payment is converted from USD to the customer’s country’s currency by their bank or credit card company.

Time to shop for the perfect rash guard and board shorts at! You can learn more at our International Shipping FAQs.


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