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Fitness after pregnancy: It’s a team effort.




I made it! I feel like when you get the right answer on a math test: the values go in, the formula gets worked out, and poof you get the right answer. Before I got pregnant, I was healthy, in shape and active, and amazingly here I am again.

zoe najim girls4sport team rider

I was told this is the trick, and I believed them for the most part, but a small part of me was afraid that after I got pregnant, my active life would be over.  I can speak from experience that this has not happened.

Four weeks after delivery, I was able to work out in a gym, and six weeks later get back into freestyle windsurfing.  I skied all winter and now am really looking forward to a full windsurfing season!

The hardest part about doing sports and having a newborn is sleep deprivation.   But that is where your partner comes in.  Naps, which I normally would never take, are my new best friend (besides my husband).  And breastfeeding is a sure way of shedding the few pounds of extra fat that accumulates during pregnancy.

My goal is to compete in a Professional Windsurfing Association competition in Bonaire in June.  Showing up with my new baby and my husband, and competing (for fun) will be a dream come true.

Off to take a nap …

Zoe Najim is a Girls4Sport windsurfer who divides her time between Breckenridge, Colorado and Hood River, Oregon. Read more of her posts and others by Girls4Sport team riders here.



  1. Tammy says:

    Naps got me through those first few weeks after having a baby. It does involve an effort to get back to fitness but taking naps along the way really helps – even a half hour can make you feel refreshed and ready for action. And it certainly is a team effort!

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