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Clothing Choices for Stand-Up Paddling


Standup Paddling

Girls4Sport short sleeve rashguard with coordinating boy briefs.

A few years, paddler and SUP Chicks So-Cal member Debbie Church was sick of the standard-issue women’s rashguards from surf wear companies: long sleeve or short sleeve in the same solid colors of black, white, pink or blue.  She started searching online and discovered Girls4Sport, which not only had fantastic prints but also offered a variety of cuts, including sports tanks, cap sleeves, half sleeves, and more.  “I didn’t even realize that it had a shelf bra until I received it.  I love that! I can wear them without a bra or swimsuit underneath,” said Church.

Church began paddling six years ago, after she bought her husband a SUP surfboard for Christmas.  She wanted to try it, but she couldn’t carry or pick up the board since it was so heavy and wide. Plus, she couldn’t paddle it past the surf, so she was dependent upon her husband.  “He would paddle it out through the surf in Del Mar, and I would swim out to hop on,” recalled Church.

Now, with lighter board designs and handles for carrying, Church is free to paddle on her own.  And when she’s paddling through the surf, Church’s clothing of choice is a rashguard.   Sometimes, she’ll wear a long sleeve rashguard for sun protection, and other times, she likes to wear a sleeveless style.  Girls4Sport offers her the options she wants in great prints and the added bonus of a shelf-bra.

Church shared her Girls4Sport finds with fellow members of the SUP Chicks So-Cal.  The San Diego-based group was founded three years ago as a way for women who are into SUP to connect with other women.  The members range from beginners to sponsored racers, and they’re into any form of SUP that involves a board or a paddle:  flatwater, surf, tour, race, and distance paddling.  The group meets up every Wednesday for weekly paddles in Oceanside.  In recent months, the group has stepped up their community involvement by participating in H2O Patrol’s beach trash removal efforts.  Then in May, the group raised $10,000 for Stand Up for the Cure in Newport Beach.  They also apparently share clothing recommendations.

SUP Chicks So-Cal member Carla Stoner learned about Girls4Sport SUP clothing from Church.  “From Debbie it spread to the others,” said Stone.

Stoner began paddling five years ago after she and a friend took a lesson from Diane Wenzel of Westwind Sailing in Dana Point.  A couple of weeks later, Stone made her family out go again for Mother’s Day, and she’s been hooked ever since.

For Stoner, comfort is huge when it comes to selecting SUP clothing. She looks for quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep her cool.  Looking good and sun-protection are also important factors.  “I like Girls4Sport’s sleeveless and racerback styles.  They’re comfortable, look great and are perfect for SUP,” said Stoner.

To check out Girls4Sport’s sun-protective rashguard swim tops and coordinating bottoms for SUP, visit

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