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Girls4Sport’s Modest Swimwear is a Top Finisher in Blanding, Utah



Blanding, Utah resident and Ironman triathlete Kimberly Hiatt (right) with her daughters Heidi and Katie sporting their Girls4Sport swimwear.

Located in the southeastern corner of Utah’s canyon country, Blanding is a small rural town with only 4,000 residents, but it has a large population of athletes and an unusually large number of women who wear Girls4Sport apparel.

Triathlete Lana Arthur took a swimming class from the local fitness center and was surprised to find half of the women in the class wearing modest swimsuits.  Instead of the traditional high-cut, athletic suits, the swim bottoms looked more like shorts: they were less tight, longer, and provided far more coverage.  Arthur asked the women where they got their suits and they said Girls4Sport.  She now owns three different Girls4Sport suits with racer-back tops and full short swim bottoms.  “I really like the modest but modern designs.  You feel well-covered and the prints are cute,” said Arthur.  “The full coverage swim shorts are not as tight, and since we’re older, we look better in that sort of thing.”

Arthur’s swim coach’s wife, Kimberly Hiatt (who is also an Ironman competitor), was among the first in town to find Girls4Sport.  She was searching online for “modest swimsuits” when she stumbled across the Girls4Sport website.  She really liked the coverage options and thought they were adorable.  “All the other ‘modest swimsuit’ searches produced hideous swimsuits at that time–as well as non-sport-functional,” said Hiatt.

Hiatt now has an array of Girls4Sport swimwear in her wardrobe: board short, bikini, boy brief, full short, SupraDry sport short, short sleeve top, sleeveless top, SupraDry t-back full length and regular t-back tank.  “Not all of us are built like competitive swimmers and triathletes,” said Hiatt.  “Most of us who give triathlon a try or are learning to swim in our adult years are mothers and have a few extra pounds that need special coverage. Girls4sport caters to the majority of us women.”

Just this past Wednesday, one of her husband’s swim students, a grandmother from Blanding, emailed Hiatt to ask her where she found all of her swimsuits. “I was happy to direct her to Girls4Sport,” said Hiatt.


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  1. Steve Hiatt says:

    As a husband of someone who wears Girls4Sport swimwear I think my wife looks sexy in their styles. G4S wear is functional, modern but still allows women to look contemporarily attractive. At the same time their swim wear minimizes my worry when my teen daughters wear them.

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