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Family windsurfing and wakeboarding days!




carmel zoe miciahWhat is better than a 2-sport day? A 2-sport day with your husband and child! Today was awesome all around. It started with a wakeboarding session early in the morning, just as the fog was burning off around the San Mateo Lagoon.

A boat is great for the whole family as we can all be together and have fun at the same time. Following were some house duties, a little work, and a drive over to Candlestick Park where my husband and I took turns windsurfing.

Windsurfing is a little trickier with a baby as there is wind, and shelter is needed. But our van serves as a shelter, and with playing, taking walks, napping and eating, a pleasant afternoon can be spent.

My husband and I get to watch each other windsurf on days like today, which is new and fun. After a quick cleanup and quick goodbye to the other windsurfers, we packed up, and headed home for some play time and a steak dinner, served with a local Cabernet. A delicious end to a wonderful day.

Zoe Najim is one of Girls4Sport’s team riders. You can read more about how she juggles motherhood and sport in her last blog post. Read more of her posts and others by Girls4Sport team riders here.


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