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Girls4Sport takes its style outside the beach



How are you at keeping a secret? When it comes to something exciting, it can be really tough. That’s what has been going on at Girls4Sport these past few months. We’ve been keeping a big secret, and now we can finally let it out!

Girls4Sport is branching out! You’ve known us for years as the best place to find fun, flattering swim and beachwear that moves with you. We’re using that know-how to create our newest line of everyday active wear that’s more than just something you throw in your gym bag.

yoga pants hoodie crop pant workout gear

Would you wear your yoga pants all day long if you could get away with it? We’re betting on it. Our whole line is designed to look great whether you’re midway through pilates or sipping coffee at brunch. And because it’s made with our best performance fabrics, it can handle even the most grueling workout session.

From leggings to yoga pants to hoodies and jackets to long- and short-sleeve T’s, check out all our new styles now.

Pre-order your favorite to ensure you get the size and print you want. We won’t charge your card until we ship, and you’ll get your order before the holidays! So order yourself a gift or get something for your best gal. Just be careful — it’s a hard secret to keep!


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