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Approval: It feels good!



Mark Twain once said “A man can not be comfortable without his own approval.” And it’s true. We’ve all got to toot our horns once in a while.

After three lovely reviews of our sleeveless top, our women’s crop pants and our reversible shorts we were glowing from all the praise and thought we’d share.

reversible boardshorts

Jenny over at Modern Modest Beauty wrote about our cute reversible board shorts in periwinkle and Miami:

“The Reversible Boardshorts were exactly what I needed to cover up my behind! I love that I can wear these with either the plain blue side or the fabric side showing…both of which match my new white swimsuit. They were super comfy both in and out of the water.”

Thanks Jenny for the kind words and the cute pictures as well! Doesn’t that make you want to be on a beach right now? You can read the whole review here.

Natasha over at What I Wear, What I Do and Why I Did It reviewed our sleeveless top in Zen Garden.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I actually don’t do much swimming, but the top is super modest and I actually wore it a couple times to exercise in! The armholes were the biggest plus, as they are cut high enough to be modest, but not too high where they’re uncomfortable. The fabric is very nice and appears to be very high quality.”

Thanks Natasha! We’re thrilled you like the quality! You can read more of Natasha’s review here.

crop pant

Finally Joanna over at ModaMama gave our crop pants in brown two thumbs up.

” They’re so comfy, and soft, and they are great for running.  I have run in them a while now *one run is typically 10K* and what I really appreciate is the breathability *not a word, I know* they have.

Usually, when I run my pants tend to get sweat stains as I’m pushing really hard, and by the time I’m done, it’s not a pretty sight!  These didn’t do that.  When I was done, the pants still looked great even though I didn’t.”

Check out Joanna’s entire review here.  We’re thrilled by the nice things folks have to say about our gear. We’ve worked hard to make high-quality, good-looking active wear and are proud of our products. But we’re also happy to hear our work is noticed. It’s nice to have your approval along with our own 😉


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