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Work out like a kid



Who doesn’t wish they could wear yoga pants all day? When we designed our active wear line that was exactly what we were asking. Why can’t there be more exercise gear that you could wear out to coffee, shopping and maybe even *gasp* to work?

When Jill Berry over at 5 Minutes For Mom reviewed our Long Sleeve Full Zip Top, she lamented how easy it was for kids to exercise. “Pretty much whatever they are wearing will do. No need for fancy workout gear for little ones.”

rash guard long sleeve full zip

And when she started working out in our top, she noticed that maybe she could do just that.

I worry about sunburn so I frequently wear a long-sleeved rashguard shirt in hot weather so I chose a Long Sleeve Full Zip Top. I found it to be more stylish than other rashguards and I wore it as I walked from one activity to the next, both inside and out.

Thanks so much Jill! We’re thrilled you feel stylish in our gear. Read the rest of the review or just head on over to our site to shop.

Our new active wear features yoga pants you’d wear outside the studio, hoodies that fit right in during cool nights at a BBQ and more. Less clothing changes mean more time to enjoy life! It’s like the fountain of youth for your closet.


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