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25 Reasons to Love Water



25 reasons to love water

  1. Everybody be cool. If you’re one of the unlucky folks suffering in the midst of a heatwave, you’re probably looking for any way to beat the heat. Drinking water will help your body replenish fluids as it sweats, which is the main way we keep cool.
  2. Natural cleaning product. We’re faced with loads of toxins in our everyday environment. It’s a fact of life, but one our bodies are prepared for. Our liver and kidneys do a great job filtering these things and sending them packing so no harm is done to our major organs. What aids in that process? Beautiful water.
  3. Staying regular. Not only does water help with digestion, it keeps things moving in the bathroom moments of our life.
  4. Saves cash money. “Can I bring you anything to drink?” “Tap water please.” Boom! Savings. Carry around a reusable water bottle and save money on bottled water to boot!
  5. Loving your heart. Staying hydrated can reduce your heart attack risk by 41 to 54 percent. What’s not to love about that?
  6. More energy. Put down the coffee! Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. Just a little goes a long way, so drink up and perk up!
  7. Fewer headaches. Researchers found that drinking seven glasses a water a day can reduce or eliminate these nasty buggers. Even migraines can be scaled back by sipping on some H2O.
  8. It’s beautiful. How often does a scenic view involve a lake, ocean, stream or waterfall? Water’s gorgeous in all forms. Even though it’s cold, ice and snow can be awesome to look at too.
  9. Reduced cancer risk. Sure it’s no cure, but water seems to be linked to reduced risk of many types of cancer, from breast cancer to colon and prostate cancer to urinary tract cancer.
  10. Appetite controlLooking to lose a few pounds? A glass of water can keep you from unnecessary snacking and help you feel more full at meals.
  11. Exercises’ little helper. Got a hellish workout planned? Drink some water and it might make it a little easier. In fact, no matter what intensity you’re at, H2O can lend a hand during your routine.
  12. Extinguish heart burn. You eat a delicious meal and you feel it there, flickering in your chest. Drink a small glass of water and feel it melt away.
  13. Regulate blood pressure. Keep the pressure steady by staying hydrated and avoid kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and other health problems.
  14. It’s a part of us! When we’re born we’re about 78 percent water. By drinking water, we’re restoring one of our truest essences of self. If that isn’t a quick way to self-improvement, I dunno what is!
    water swim
  15. Reduce joint and back pain. Water acts as a natural lubricant for all the joints in our body and in our spine. There is a lot of evidence that suggests drinking more will relieve your aching neck, back or whatever joint ails you.
  16. Helps circulation. Blood may be thicker than water, but water is still one of its main components. When you’ve got enough water in your body, blood flows easily, improving your circulation, which …
  17. Helps bring nutrients to body. What good are those veggies you just scarfed down if your body can’t deliver the goodies to the correct cells? Water helps this all go down without a hitch, so have another glass.
  18. Play time! If you’re reading this blog because you came here from Girls4Sport, you probably spend some of your free time in or around the water. Who wouldn’t? From kayaking to waterskiing to just messing around, bodies of water are where it’s at.
    moments of happiness surfing water
  19. Productivity boost. Sick of crashing every afternoon at work? Struggling to get stuff done? Water can help you become more alert, which is great news for college students, since it’s free. Heck it’s welcome news for all of us!
  20. Hangover help. If you like to imbibe, you’ve probably felt the effects of having one too many at dinner the night before. Alternate a glass of water in between cocktails and down a few before you go to bed. Your wake up won’t be nearly as rude the next morning.
  21. Fights sickness. A hydrated body is in a better state to deal with a few bad apples than one that is a few ounces short of fluid. Drinking water helps ward off the flu, keeps colds at bay and generally improves your immune system.
    water droplets
  22. Healthier bones. Dehydration has been linked to osteoporosis. It may not be as big as news about calcium and all that jazz, but it’s another reason to adore water for keeping our bones strong.
  23. Reduces stress. It might not be as glamorous as that glass of wine,  but water helps destress you, big time. Dehydration of just a few ounces (half a liter) can cause your stress hormones to spike. So maybe just pour the water into a fancy glass if you want to keep up the ritual.
  24. Get strong. Fit is the new skinny, so they say, so if you’re looking to show off your killer obliques, make sure you’re hydrating. Water helps build muscle and keeps them (and you!) looking good.
  25. Water creatures. There’s a reason Dr. Seuss was counting fish. Animals that live under the water fascinate us. With life like sea otters, blue whales, swaying kelp forests and frogs, who isn’t the teenciest bit curious what it’s be like to breathe underwater … and maybe play all day long.
    mucking around in the water
    Want a few more reasons? We did!
  26. Better mood. Not feeling so chipper? Mild dehydration could be the cause. Tip back a few glasses of H2O and your disposition will be brighter in no time.
  27. Keeps you alive.  Not everyone has been unfortunate enough to run out of water on a desert hike, but most of us know we can’t survive long without it. We could call this dependence, but since it does so many good things for us, we’ve got nothing but love.
  28.  Soothing sounds. What is is about the sound of water that just relaxes you? Maybe it’s just knowing you’re close to life or a cool stream. Who knows? Who cares? It sounds awesome.
  29. It’s in food too. You don’t have to drink your water. You can eat it! Fruits and veggies are mostly water. Heck, even a turkey sandwich has some. It’s everywhere and it’s got us sprung. Now who’s thirsty?

Wondering how much water you should drink? Check out this water calculator! Did we miss your favorite reason to love water? Share with us in the comments!



  1. Great post! I can not go a day without getting at the very least my 10 glasses a day in. I recently wrote a post about the same subject! Feel free to stop by and check it out! Thanks for reminding me to finish my water for the day!

  2. Love your blog! Just shared it on our Facebook and Twitter page. Our mission is to make people love their water. Please visit us @loveyourwater and to see how we can. Another waterlover…:-)

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