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Great photos and giveaways!



If you’re most places in the northern hemisphere, you’ve probably had a heatwave to tolerate/celebrate. It depends what type of weather you like, right? Regardless of your preference, staying cool, looking good and protecting your skin can be tough, which is a big part of why we design what we love.

Dhemz Apdian-Dias is a big fan of the summer, but living in Texas makes fun during the season a challenge. We were super stoked to see how into our long sleeve full zip top she was. She got the Pop Star print and showed us a few pics as well!

girls4sport long sleeve rashguard

This full-zip long sleeve swimwear top is so feminine and is designed to give comfort and ease. I like the soft feel and the neck protection is just right.

You can read more of her review and see other great photos too. Nicely done, Dhemz! Thanks for the kind words!

Dhemz isn’t the only one singing our praises these days, and not just because we help keep folks cool. Heidi, an SUP instructor at Rainbow Watersports in Hawaii was struggling to stay warm in the water during those early morning SUP sessions. She gave our short sleeve Thermaguard top a try and was able to stay in the water as long as she wanted.

On this spring day, I slipped into the water and surfed for an hour and a half – no longer being forced by shivers to come in early! Awesome.

We’re thrilled to read her review, which definitely inspires us to get into the water and indulge in an epic surf session. Thanks Heidi!

One more thing we thought we’d let you know about is Susannah’s post over at the Funky Monkey. She’s got some lovely things to say but she’s also giving away our kids board shorts or woman’s halter top! If you’re feeling lucky (or just want a chance at winning), you should head over and enter.

The giveaway ends in a few days, so don’t miss out. Both pieces will help you enjoy the sun.

Do you love the heat or would you rather it be cooler during the summer? Let us know in the comments!


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